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OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Studio -Free Broadcasting Software

obs studio free broadcasting software

OBS Free Broadcasting Software

Open Broadcaster Software is a free broadcasting software and open-source cross-platform streaming and recording program.There are versions of OBS Studio available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux distributions.

OBS Supports varieties of plugin.

Download Link:- OBS Studio 64 Bit – Click Here Direct Link

Download Link – OBS Studio 32 Bit –Direct Link Click Here

How to use OBS Studio

With Screen Shots

How to record your pc screen with audio using obs studio- Free Broadcasting Software

Following is the way you can do to record your pc screen on windows pc and also capture your computer’s Audio along with video

OBS Studio is Completely free app with which you can record your screen along with the audio from you pc or along with your voice

Steps to record application window or your complete pc screen:-

Open the application or game window first, which you want to record.

Next , You have to click “+” Sign and select “Display Capture”.

Now this option will let you record your entire pc screen also even if you close the application.

obs studio

You can select “Window Capture” if you want to record a specific application’s window.

The obs will ask what you want to name the source.

Just check off “Add Existing” and press the ok button or you can give a custom name for that window capture and select create new and type a name.

Next a window titled “properties” will open , showing preview of your recording.

Press Ok button.

obs studio

And now just close the obs window.

To add audio from the pc , go to source and click “+” sign  and select “audio output capture”.

Now again name your audio source or leave the default.

In the properties window , select the sound device you want to record, but it is best to leave it default.

obs studio

If you want to record from your microphone, go to source window and select the audio input capture.

Now on the controls panel , click on start recording and minimize the obs studio window.

And when you want to stop just click on “Stop Recording”

obs studio

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